Landscape Photography Course

I’m pleased to announce the landscape photography tutorial course package! I have heard countless questions on how to shoot amazing landscape photos so I wanted to offer the opportunity for aspiring photographers to download multiple tutorials and complete them on their own time.


So many times, the focus is on photography gear instead of technique. While gear does play a very minor importance (like having a camera and lens), technique is something you can learn and build on over time and practice.

This course is organized into over 25 lessons that you will receive at once. That way, you have the ability to go through the course as fast or as slow as you would like, and on your own time! Also, you’ll have full access to all of the lessons forever!


You will be able to follow along with each lesson by watching a video showing you exactly how to use or perform each lesson’s subject.

If you don’t think the course was worth the money, no worries! I offer a money back guarantee!


Some of the topics i cover in the lessons are as follows:

  • Composition
  • Wide angle vs telephoto lenses
  • Scale
  • Framing
  • Shooting sunrise and sunset
  • Using filters
  • Long exposure photography
  • Natural windows
  • Waterfall photography
  • Small landscapes
  • Grand landscapes
  • Using foregrounds
  • And much more!


I have designed the course to be easy to follow while being the most informative approach to landscape photography! It’s the way I would have wanted a landscape photography course to be offered when I started my photography journey, and now I’ve created it for you!

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  • $30.00